Sterile Wrapping Solutions

The reliably protected wrapping solution that helps keeping your instruments sterilized & ready-to-use at a moment’s notice!



SterWrap® is well-known for its unmatched services in providing sterile wrapping solutions around the globe. Our non-woven durable fabric keeps your instruments and medical equipment sterilized and ready-to-use on short calls.

We have been supplying our sterilization wraps with numerous specifications used for different types of processing. Our wrap manufacturing methodology is fully based on microbial barrier protection technology which makes sure that your instruments are always in a sterile state.

Our products are 100% reliable & high in quality to maintain the sterility of your surgical instruments!


Why SterWrap?

Our sterile wrapping solution helps you to ensure that the instrument sterility is uncompromised and an easily safe way is provided to keep your equipment sterilized.


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Sterilization Wrapping

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Offering the best wrapping solutions for maintaining the sterility of your surgical instruments.


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