Sterilization Reels


End Uses

PMSSteripack reels are designed to provide an excellent barrier for sterile medical device packaging purposes. Reels meet the Medical Industry's requirement for high quality, hygiene and safety levels. PMSSteripack reels are used for the packing of the Medical Devices before sterilization and it maintains the sterility of the products after sterilization. PMSSteripack reels are easy to package and the indicator used for the sterilization provides information with the sterilization status of the medical devices.


Superior barrier with 60gsm or 70gsm medical grade paper conforming EN 868-3


Transparent, reinforced multilayer co-polymer PET/PP film ISO 11140-1 certified water-based, non-toxic, and accurate process indicator


PMSSteripack flat and gusseted reels are manufactured according to EN 868-5 and ISO 11607 standards. The indicator used in the reel production is classified as Class 1 Type Indicator according to the ISO 11140-1 standard.PMSSteripack Reels meet the requirements of 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive regulations with the amendment of 2007/47/EC.

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Why SterWrap?

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